You can play TETRIS with a MIDI controller or a computer keyboard.

Originally made to work with Teenage Engineering's OP-Z.


Computer keyboard controls:

↑ / spacebar : Rotate (clockwise)

↓ : Down

← : Left

→ : Right

OPZ Setup

First. Set up your OP-Z so that it's sending MIDI.

I use the iOS app. Otherwise refer to Teenage Engineering's documentation.

Goal: Make sure MIDI send is ON.

OPZ Setup

Plug the OP-Z into your computer.

Turn it on.

Select device

    OP-Z Settings

      Midi Not Supported

      Unfortunately, the Web Midi API is not supported for all browsers.

      Here's the compatibility list.

      Supported at the time of publishing:

      I tried to add support using this polyfill, but was not successful. I welcome anyone to try getting it to work.

      MIDI Setup

      MIDI Setup

      Plug the device into your computer.

      Turn it on.

      F : Left

      G : Down

      A : Right

      D : Rotate (counter-clockwise)

      E : Rotate (clockwise)